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The Difference Between Residential Care Homes

Some people may get confused about the differences between residential care homes and supported sheltered houses. If you are considering moving into a care home, or you are finding a suitable place to live for a friend or relative, it is a good idea to know the difference between the two. Here is a quick guide to make things clearer for you.

Supported Sheltered Houses

These are a suitable option for people who want to live in a homely environment where they can get access to support and help so that they are not living alone. They usually consist of large houses that have been converted especially for use by elderly people so that they can be as comfortable as possible.

They will usually come with a housekeeper to look after the property, and they are typically more suitable for independent living. So residents will have their own room with en suite facilities, but there will also be special facilities like lifts and baths that are operated electronically, allowing the residents to maintain their independence.

There are usually communal rooms where residents can meet and relax, and you may also find that there is a garden. Meals are often prepared for the residents, and the best supported sheltered houses will often provide a wide range of choices on the menu.

Essentially, supported sheltered houses can be ideal for elderly people who want to maintain their independence, but who want to also be reassured that help is at hand if they need it. For example, many houses will provide residents with an alarm system so that they know someone will be nearby if they should require assistance.

Residential Care Homes

Residential care homes tend to be more suitable for people who are no longer able to live in supported sheltered houses because they cannot maintain the same level as independence. For this reason, they often come with extra facilities to provide assistance to elderly residents.

These can include more full-time staff available at all times of the day and night to provide assistance when needed. There is also more specialised support to provide residents with assistance in bathing, getting around, taking medication and getting dressed.

However, this does not mean that the atmosphere needs to be any different from supported sheltered houses, and the best residential care homes ensure that the needs of the residents come first and that the atmosphere remains warm and welcoming.


Always Spend Time Choosing the Perfect Place to Live

Whether you finally decide that residential care homes or supported sheltered houses are more suitable or you, always spend time looking for the ideal place to live. Visit any of the places that look appealing to get a feel for them, and make sure that you feel comfortable somewhere before making the move.

How Do Home And Land Packages Work?

Buyers have many choices when it comes to picking a new house. One of those options is the home and land package. Many realtors and builders offer these deals, but not all schemes are the same. Understanding the differences between packages is important to ensuring you get the right home for your family.

What Are Home And Land Packages?

Home and land packages are exactly what they appear to be – a combination deal of ground on which to build along with the design and construction of the house. They are available at all income levels and are offered by both realtors and builders. The vast majority of these packages are found in housing developments, but it is possible to find single packages in some areas.

Different Types Of Schemes

There are two main types of schemes. Under the first plan, you purchase the property before the residence is built. Under the second, you purchase a house that is already built on property owned by the developer.

• Option 1: Purchasing before the house is built.

If you choose this option you’ll have to put down a deposit with the balance due upon settlement. One advantage of doing it this way is paying less on stamp duty. By purchasing before the structure is built, you only have to pay stamp duty on the land, not the building or the construction. You’ll generally need two loans if you choose this option. One will be used to pay for the land and the second will be used to pay for the house and its construction. As work progresses you’ll be required to make progress payments on the mortgage.

The benefits of this option include more flexibility in design and potentially less expensive than choosing the pre-built option.

• Option 2: Purchasing a house built on the developers’ land.

Under this plan, you only need to provide a 5% deposit at contract signing. The balance will be due once construction is complete. You will not be required to make progress payments, which frees up cash to save for a larger deposit or to be used for living expenses during construction.

The benefits of this option include a move-in ready home so there is less time spent waiting, depending on how far along the construction has progressed, but it can be the more expensive option.

Although these are the two main types of schemes, there are many variations from developer to developer. Some plans are very flexible and allow you many design choices, upgrades and customisation. Others are very limited in scope, offering only a few choices in design. It all depends on the builder you choose and how they operate their business.

The Benefits Of Package Deals

These combination deals are appealing to buyers who want new construction but don’t want to deal with purchasing the physical space on their own and then hiring a builder to construct the house. By working with a developer that offers these packages, buyers work with one company from start to finish and may be able to save money versus purchasing the land and the structure separately. Additionally, developers and builders already have pre-approved designs to choose from, eliminating the need to receive approval for construction from the local governing body. Display properties are usually available on-site, giving buyers a real-world look at the finished product before they make a final decision.

Home and land packages can be an excellent way for first home buyers to get into new construction at a reduced cost. Builder incentives, combined with stamp duty concessions and affordable housing schemes have made it more affordable than ever for first home buyers to move into the house of their dreams with their first purchase.

Defend Your Home and Possessions Against Intruders!

With all of the emphasis in the past few years on Homeland Security, many people have overlooked the importance of home security. While it might not make the first story on the news, when your house is burgled, safeguarding your home soon becomes the most important issue in your world.

The Facts

There’s no reason to wait until it happens to you. According to the US Bureau of Justice Statistics, about 75% of all crime in the United States is property crime. In 2003, there were 14 million thefts of property. In 83% of these crimes, the burglars actually entered the home or some other building to steal property.

According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports, residential burglaries in 2003 averaged $1600 in property or cash loss per incident. This does not include repair of locks, doors, windows, and other destruction. Are you willing to give $1600 (not to mention the security of your home and safety of your family) to a burglar?

It can happen to anyone. Whether you live in an urban, suburban, or rural area, you are a target of burglars. What are you going to do about it?

The Options

Never underestimate the resourcefulness of an intruder. Simply locking your doors and windows isn’t enough. If you can think of a way to get into your home, surely someone who makes crime his living will be able to as well.

You also shouldn’t overestimate the resourcefulness of neighbors. Neighborhood watches are fine, but how many of your neighbors spend every hour you aren’t home watching your house? How would hey distinguish between a furniture delivery and a robbery? Can you tell just by looking if someone is simply walking for exercise or casing houses for possible burglary attempts? Even houses less than a mile from police stations are easily robbed.

There are more effective options that will prevent break-ins and make your home secure.

Home Alarms

A simple loud noise will not deter a criminal. Your neighbors are likely to turn up their televisions to drown out the sound. Battery and even electrically operated sound alarms are easily thwarted by criminals.

If you are going to use a home alarm, you should use a monitored system. When you decide between monitored home alarm systems, you generally have three choices – a do-it-yourself system, a national monitoring system, and a local home security company system.

The do-it-yourself installation systems are by far the cheapest. You need a bit of technical know-how, and you need to know how an intruder enters. When you buy your own equipment, you have your choice of companies to monitor your system. Some systems let you program additional numbers to be called when the alarm is triggered, which isn’t as helpful as you’d think. By the time you or a neighbor is able to react and call the police, your burglar is usually long gone. It’s best to stick with the pros.

National alarm system monitoring services (such as ADT or Brinks) are the most popular. Common customer complaints include being taken advantage of on installation. The national companies contract installation with independent dealers. Many ADT and Brinks customers have reported outrageous quotes, having to negotiate with the installer, and advertised specials being worthless. Other problems include monitoring errors and slow reaction time. When an alarm is triggered, the company calls you to determine if the alarm went off by accident (the large majority of home alarm triggers are accidents by the home owners). If they cannot get you on the phone, they will then call the proper authorities. Unhappy customers have reported no calls at all or very delayed calls. These companies also
require you to contract with them for a specified amount of time, usually 2-3 years, even if you are unhappy with their service.

Local alarm monitoring systems are usually less expensive with higher levels of customer satisfaction. A local company will have fewer customers, so you are more important to them. You will get a less expensive, yet completely effective installation by an actual company representative. Because these companies rarely require long-term contracts, you have more freedom to change monitoring companies. Knowing this, they will usually charge less per month and put forth more effort to keep your business.

Any home alarm system comes with a useful lawn sign indicating that your home is protected by an alarm system. This, alone, is a form of prevention as a thief is more likely to hit a house without an alarm system. Alarm systems are also great for fires and other emergencies. Usually as an added feature, you can hook smoke alarms up to your monitoring system. If a smoke alarm goes off, the fire department is notified. This is especially beneficial during the night or if you leave pets at home during the day. Panic buttons are good if you happen to be home during a break-in or you have a medical emergency. You should also get a break on your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance when you have a system installed. Monitored home alarm systems are definitely worth the investment, but you shouldn’t stop there.

How to Choose Home and Land Packages For Your Family

Making your dream house designs a reality can take a lot of planning. You need to look at the details very carefully so that you can be sure that every aspect is perfect. You do not want any problems during construction, or worse, during residence. If you are planning for your dream home plans, the first and most important thing you should consider is the real estate property your dream house plans will stand in. This is the base of your house, where everything will be set up, so it has to be perfect.

First, consider the location of the house and land package. The best house and land packages are near schools, hospitals, and other establishments. This will make travelling and commuting much easier for you in the long run. Also, consider what kind of environment the property has. The neighbourhood will also play a big part in the decision making. You don’t want to buy new homes for sale in which it is part of town where many accidents happen. Temperature should also be considered when it comes to choosing the location.

Consider how big or small the home and land packages are. You want it to be just right for you and your family dream home. This will depend on the type of home you want to build. If you want a garden, pool or playground, then your real estate property will have to be much bigger than your house. Make sure not to choose a land for sale that is too small or too big for your dream house. This will ensure that the spacing is just right for your home.

There are a lot of real estate properties for sale in Australia. You will be able to find land for sale in Australia at a reasonable, friendly price.