Stage Your Home and Sell For Top Dollars

No matter what state the real estate market is in, did you know there are ways to increase the sales price of your home? With just a few simple steps it really is possible to tempt buyers to pay more for your property.

The technique is called staging and it’s all about presenting your home as a product on the market. There is a distinct difference between the way you live in a home and the way you should stage it to appeal to potential buyers.

Here are some staging tips that will help you sell your home for top dollar:

Detailing Your Home

If you planned to sell your car, you would detail it inside and out. You would polish all the chrome and wax the paint so it sparkled. You’d touch up any chips in the paint job and also make sure the interior was clean and neat and garbage free.

When it comes to selling your home, you should detail your house inside and out as well. This means going beyond basic cleaning and making sure your home sparkles.

Be sure your yards are neat and free of weeds. Sweep the sidewalk and powerwash the driveway to remove any stains. Get a broom into every corner and sweep away cobwebs.

Put the lids on toilet seats down and be sure to remove from sight any personal hygiene products or hygiene accessories from your bathroom.


People who buy homes want to be able to imagine their own furniture in each room and picture their own family living in a new home. This means you should strive to make your house as free of your own personal touches as possible.

Removing any objects or items that clutter up corners, walls or shelves can actually make each room appear larger and give an appearance of space. Take down any family pictures or trophies and put them in boxes. If you sell your home you’re going to be moving anyway, so you’re getting a head start on your packing. The same rule applies to figurines, knick-knacks, ornaments and any other item that clutters up your rooms.

Look critically at each room in your house and remove any item that threatens to make your rooms look overcrowded. If the kid’s rooms have toys in each corner, put those into boxes too.

Neutral Territory

While brightly colored feature walls might look wonderful with your custom-made sofa, home buyers want to imagine their own furniture in a home they intend to buy. The small expense of repainting your walls in a light, neutral shade can help make each room appear lighter and larger.

It may feel as though you’re turning your home into a blank canvas, but this is exactly what a potential buyer is looking for.

Window Coverings

If you currently have heavy, dark colored window dressings or curtains, try to replace them with light, airy colored coverings. These can make your rooms appear lighter and more open and can also make your windows into a feature.